Is Kibana right tool to create multi-facet search user interface

Sorry for the dumb question but I am completely new in the elastic world. I would like to develop a quick proof of concept to demo elastic functionalities. and the typical multifacet interface would be perfect for me. I don't want to spend time in javascript to develop a web front end. I am wondering if I can use Kibana to develop such kind of interface. i.e. the facet catalog in left side with search bar and result in the middle of the page.

Hey @kevinzou, welcome to the discussion boards!

Kibana is a powerful tool that can do many things, but a curated multifacet search interface isn't really in its wheelhouse.

Have a look at our Site Search offering:
You can use the free 14-day trial to demonstrate a proof-of-concept without a whole lot of effort.

If you like what you see, then you can sign up for a paid account, or take advantage of our free open source tools to build your own custom search experience. For example, we have our search-ui framework which makes building on top of Site Search (or a custom connector) very easy.

Thank you Larry. You saved lots of my time.


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