Checking runner ip connectivity... FAILED

We have already ECE setup on environment and we are trying to add another to existing ECE setup.

While installing ECE on the new host we are getting the below errors.
Can't connect $RUNNER_HOST_IP [xx.xx.xx.xx:22000]: Connection refused

Could any one help on this ?

Host Details:
Operating System: RHEL 7
Docker Version :1.13
ECE Version:2.4.2

Have you disabled the linux firewall and selinux ?

Do you have IPv4 AND IPv6 enabled ?

Dear Ben,
Yes we have disabled the firewall and selinux as well as we have enabled ipv4 & ipv6.

Please note that we are able to ping and able to login via ssh using putty tool.


I believe this test works something like:

  • Spins up a docker container which binds to host:22000
  • From the install docker container (on the same host), attempts to connect to host:22000

(the IP you've marked as xx.xx.xx.xx would be the IP of the host on which you're trying to install ECE if so, is that right?)

So it still sounds like some docker config or (local) iptables or selinux issue. We don't do anything clever with networking, we just allow docker containers access to the host network.

To reproduce outside of ECE, you could do something like:

  • First outside of docker use a tool like nc to check
  • Find some generic docker image that lets you run a command line, do the same nc test but with the server running in docker

(or look for any config differences between the original host and this one, etc)

Dear Alex,

Thanks for the detailed information.
Yes, xx.xx.xx.xx is pointing to host ip address. The major difference, existing ECE host docker version is 1.11 and the new host docker version 1.13.

Our plan to docker upgrade(from 1.11 to 1.13) on new host and the move the instance from old host to new host.

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