Clearing counters - using ELK stack

Hi, I am pretty new to ELK. I had seen some of it at my previous company but it was someone else who was carrying out the development of it. I thought it looked pretty cool and I think it could be useful at my new company.

We are experiencing the same issue every day on our Telephony Platform, this issue will be here for another year at least before an upgrade clears it.

It is a pretty specific error and it happens across 4 application servers each in different geographical locations.

I am hoping to use ELK to filter and pull these errors and put them into a nice little dashboard with a counter for each site. Is this possible and is it possible to clear the counter at the end of each day?

You can definitely pull the data together with this. As for clearing it, not exactly as ES doesn't keep track of something like that for you (but!).

You could build a KB dashboard with a metric counter that only shows events with errors from $today and then base your counter from that. Otherwise you could leverage Watcher to send an email if an error is seen.

Thanks for this. I will just need to learn how to do this. :slight_smile: