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Are there any difficulties or limitations to have a cluster of instances mixing cloud-hosted Elasticsearch with self-hosted instances ?

I have a main cloud instance, hosted by Elasticsearch. And I am wondering if it is at all possible to have a self-hosted instance, more oriented to research and dev, while being part of the main instances cluster thereby having the same indexes and data available on the self-hosted instance...

I seem to remember having read somewhere that the versions need to be the same ?

Maybe there is a better way to achieve this ?

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Hi @efftee

Mixing on prem - self managed nodes with and Elasticsearch hosted on Elastic Cloud is not supported.

In general trying to build a single cluster that spans on-prem to a cloud provider is not a best practice and would most likely results in an unstable cluster that would eventually split / fail. Elasticsearch cluster require very strict / low latency network between nodes. The public providers can assure this accross Availability zone within a Single region but that is about it for distributing node.

You may want to look into cross cluster search to address your needs. There are some capabilities coming very soon that will allow the cross cluster search to occur between Self Manage and Elasticsearch hosted on Elastic Cloud.

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Thank you Stephen, you've really helped me to not waist my time on an idea that was obviously bound for failure ! :wink:

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