Setup Elasticsearch cluster on Multi-Cloud(AWS and GCP)

Hello? I'm newbie to Elasticsearch.

I'm planning to manage Multi-Cloud logs using Elasticsearch.

Some of nodes are in AWS and other nodes are in GCP. (Let's assume each public cloud's instances are in same vpc)

I came here to get advise of how to make cluster. I have 2 options.

  1. Make all multi cloud nodes in one elastic cluster.
  • Add one Master node to AWS and set all other nodes to data nodes in aws and gcp.
  • Add all those nodes(AWS and GCP) to one elastic cluster.
  1. Set each public cloud to each cluster and use cross-cluster join.
  • Add Master node to each aws and gcp cluster. And then make each cluster in each public cloud.
  • So this scenario have 2 different elastic cluster in AWS and GCP.
  • Use Cross-cluster query when we want all of documents.

Which one is better? Does each option have pros and cons?
Or is there any good option for managing multi-cloud logs using one cluster?

  1. Nope, you'll run into a tonne of issues with latency and network issues.
  2. Ideally, yes.

You could, also, have the Elasticsearch cluster in a totally different provider, eg Azure.

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Thank you for your reply.

So it means that.. now there is no solution for mutli-cloud or multi-region(which communicate with public network) right?

So then best alternative solution is to construct cluster to each public cloud(aws, gcp) and query on cross cluster right?

The solution is cross cluster search :slight_smile:

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