Collect ES data for Suggest form when initiating FieldFormatter plugin

I have a FieldFormatter plugin where users can enter values into different fields in a dialog that are submitted to ES to update specific fields of a specific document at a time. The dialog is opened using html in a similar fashion as in this topic (also mine).

Now I want to expand my visualization so that the user can get suggestions for values in these fields, based on the most common entries already listed in ES. A bit like this outdated Plugin but it needs to work inside another Plugin and for Elastic Stack v7.4.2.

To list the suggestions for the users I have my eye on the Suggest form from the Elastic UI. My problem is how to store a list for each of the fields with the currently entered entries, and only once when the plugin is loaded, preferably also with the count for each entry.

The particular issue comes from that some of the fields contains a list of strings instead of single items.

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