Collect jmx tabular data and visualize it into kibana

Hi guys, I'm new with ELK.

Currently, I'm working with logstash-input-jmx plugin to collect MBean data and visualize it into Kibana. So technically, I stuck at 2 points:

  1. JMX data, I can collect the attribute with number and string data type, but with the attribute is tabular data type, I got an error like this:
    {<Java::JavaUtil::Collections::UnmodifiableRandomAccessList:-1984729242 ["ConfigJobInstanceDTO_WebServiceRead"]>=>#Java::JavaxManagementOpenmbean::CompositeDataSupport:0x90cb13c, <Java::JavaUtil::Collections::UnmodifiableRandomAccessList:630145716 ["MECredentialUserIdBasedDTO_WebServiceRead"]>=>#Java::JavaxManagementOpenmbean::CompositeDataSupport:0x50ed1a4f, <Java::JavaUtil::Collections::UnmodifiableRandomAccessList:-330267366 ["NEPortInventoryDTO_WebServiceRead"]>=>#Java::JavaxManagementOpenmbean::CompositeDataSupport:0x685a3c7, <Java::JavaUtil::Collections::UnmodifiableRandomAccessList:-2025191099 ["DiscoveryInfoBaseDTO_WebServiceRead"]>=>#Java::JavaxManagementOpenmbean::CompositeDataSupport:0x38d681d6}

Here is data from jconsole:

Here is my visualize in kibana:

  1. If I can get tabular data of that attribute, how can I visualize just like jconsole in kibana, multiple tables in one visualize?

Is there any beat module or plugin to help me solve that? I have research on jolokia jmx module of metricbeat but no help.

p/s: I'm using version 7.2.0 from lastest ELK docker image

Thank you.

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