Colour into visualization

Hi guys,
we've problems with color visualization on chart into kibana.
With many different data-set charts often show all information in black/gray color.
Is it an issue or is not a configured step?

Here a chart ok and a chart all black.
Thanks a lot.

@Massimo_Carro what version of Kibana are you using? How many fields in the legend are there?

Kibana currently uses a random color generating algorithm that tends to give bad colors when splitting on lots of fields. However, I've not seen the dark colors come up yet.

@stormpython thanks for your answer.
I use near 200 thousand fields, but this are split for each day into first five.
If I look into a year timeline this 200 fields appear so 200 is the real number. :frowning:

Sorry for the late reply. But we opened an issue for this and merged a pr with a fix. The fix was merged in Kibana 4.4.0.