Visualization with multiple gauges gradient issue

I have a visualization with 25+ gauges in it. Most of them are near 100%, they are in 6 rows of 4 and a row of 1. Where we would assume that all would be green, the color gradient of them goes from bright green on the first gauge to black on the last. we want them to all be the same color, no gradient.

Hi @Johnathan_Herndon,

I just tested a dashboard with 25+ gauge visualizations, all maxed out at 100%/green, and I'm not seeing any gradient issues by default... they are all the exact same color of green. This is on Kibana 7.3

What version of Kibana are you using, and in which browser? Do you have a screenshot you would be willing to share?

Sorry, no screenshots. Running Kibana 7.2. Inside a enclave with no internet access, difficult to update software.

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