Customized color for the gauge visualization

Hi all,
I am trying to create a gauge visualization of split group bucket type. In my case, I have the field that results in success or error count. I want the gauge for the success case count to be of the green color and that one for the error count to be of red color whatever the range of the count is. Right now what I have seen is that the color changes on the bases of the range of the count. Like from 1-100 (green),100-200 (yellow),200-300 (red)

Try instead using a dashboard that contains two gauge visualizations each styled a separate way.

The idea behind having multiple gauges in a single visualization is they are all being represented by a consistent scale and coloring. This works if you're counting errors from multiple sources at the same time (or successes from multiple sources at the same time) but not when you want to have two different scales and color stops.

thank you @ghudgins. I worked it the way you suggested and it seems good.

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