Gauge visualization color


I use a gauge visualisation which split a group range bucket and count the number of matches between the following percentage ranges:
0 - 50 %
51 - 80 %
81 - 100 %
101 - 120 %
120 - Infinite

But I want to choose an individual color on the 5 different gauges depending on the different ranges and not on the count pr range. Can someone help me?

I want the following colors independent on the number of counts:
0 - 50 % - Green
51 - 80 % - Yellow
81 - 100 % - Orange
101 - 120 % - Light Red
120 - Infinite - Dark Red

The color palette applies to all gauges in the visualization. One option would be to create each gauge visualization as a standalone visualization, and then array them in a dashboard. Other than that, you can try Canvas, which allows a fair bit more customization.

Hi @christophilus
Thanks, I thought about creating standalone gauges and using different colors on each visual, but I like the setup that using only one visual with range gives me (except for the colors though).
Nevertheless I went back and created standalone gauges and it works just fine.

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