Colourful bullets in Discover section

Can we show the following image like bullets for particular entries? For example, I have a field to show the 'Priority' of a log such as HIGH, CRITICAL, LOW. I want to show a red bullet when priority is CRITICAL, orange when priority is HIGH, and yellow when priority is LOW.

Do I required to add Unicode from Logstash or it can be done from Kibana itself ?

You can probably use the "url" field formatter in image mode which is configured as part of the index pattern. Put images of your colored dots onto a webserver, then configure the priority field in your index pattern to use the url field formatter and point to the image on your webserver: String field formatters | Kibana Guide [7.11] | Elastic

@flash1293 Can I also show the or priority and a dot in same field with "url" field formatter? (The same way showing in image, first green/red dot and then online/offline)

You mean having a separate column with the text value? You should be able to do this by using a scripted field to "copy" the priority into a new field, then showing this in a separate column besides the image-formatted column

I tried to upload an image INFO.png and here is my URL formatter configurations and result. I am not sure why it is breaking somehow.
Uploaded on server :

URL formatter:

result in discover :

Kibana is suited to be the webserver here - it's not able to serve custom files (beyond the Javascript bundles for the UI). You need a separate webserver to store these images (like apache or nginx). They don't have to be located on the same machine, everything will do.

Then you need to reference them using http (as they are loaded by the browser)

Okay got it! I will try to create a separate Apache server to host those images and check.
By the way @flash1293 wish you a happy Elastic community anniversary to you :slightly_smiling_face:

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