Combine data from multiple rows based on aggregation

I have searched but was not able to find the answer or i just didnt see it!

I have data like:
BookTitle | Author | Category
A | Writer1 | Thriller
A | Writer1 | Action
B | Writer1 | Science fiction
B | Writer1 | Fantasy
A | Writer1 | Horror
A | Writer1 | Thriller

Which i hope to represent in a dashboard as such in a data table
BookTitle | Author | Category
A | Writer1 | Thriller, Action, Horror
B | Writer1 | Science fiction, Fantasy

Now i have tried the top hit metric, which works, until we have double categories recorded.

Is there a way to do this currently in kibana?

Looking into this now.

What version of Kibana did you try this on? Also, the Elastic Stack components. Thanks @hayo

Thanks for checking @wayneseymour.
We use 7.10.2. Elastic/logstash/kibana are the components

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Awesome, thanks @hayo . Oh, just to double check, all three are on 7.10.2 correct?


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Ok, from what I understand there is probably a workaround for this, but maybe not exactly how you want the result. It's like a db.groupBy() call, but unsure if you can see it like you want. Still looking though

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