Combine master /child index for server metrics

We are collecting server metrics via beats. we want to get server details in visualization like datacenter , memory size etc in the dashboard . instead of adding custom fields . i have created a statis index without timestamp field but with counter. i have created a tag cloud visualization , for datacenter with max of counter,descending 1 and added into dashboard .

whenever i search hostname in dashboard . my other visualisation using metric index shows data and static visualization also correctly shows datacenter .


  1. if i want to show both datacenter , memory size , do i need to add another tag cloud visualization in dashboard.
    Cannot this all information from static be displayed in single visualization ?or some visualization type i need to select ?
    is there any way to display free text field [non aggregate ] field to display

  2. as i have static index without timestamp , it will always show latest value [max counter] irrespective of the time .
    for example . if i increased memory today , viewing dashboard [yesterday timing ] still shows this static visualization with new memory size instead of old . is there any workaround for this as maintenance is easy in elk instead adding custom field in metricbeat yml in every server

Hi @vijay_kaali,

I'm sorry, but I'm having trouble understanding the question. Could you maybe illustrate you use-case with sample documents and/or screenshots? I understand that this might not be possible due to privacy aspects, but maybe it's doable with some redactions.

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