Combining Documents for test result comparison in Kibana

Hi, I'm new here so I apologise if this turns out to be a noob question. I have a large set of documents in elastic containing test result data including timestamps, runtimes, results, branch tests were ran on and test run ids. I am struggling to setup a view in kibana which could compare results in a data table where the columns are different results. I figure the way to do this would be with a transform and some fancy field scripting but I am hitting a wall with how to do this. For clarity here is an example of what I'd like to do:


doc1 {
    name: test1
    result: Pass
    branch: branch1
    runid: 1

doc2 {
    name: test1
    result: Fail
    branch: branch2
    runid: 2

docn {
    name: test1
    result: Resultn
    branch: branchn
    runid: n

into something like:

comparisonDoc {
    name: test1
    result_branch1: Pass
    result_branch2: Fail
    result_branchn: Resultn
    runid_branch1: 1
    runid_branch2: 2
    runid_branchn: n

So this way I could display data in a table in kibana with a test for each row and the results of each branch in the columns. e.g.

Test    result_branch1    result_branch2    result_branchn
test1   Pass              Fail              Resultn

Am I on the right track about making a transform with some dynamic runtime fields? Is there a better way of doing this? How could I go about doing this?

Thanks in advance

We have this example in the docs which might help.

I think you need some scripting, however I suggest to look into scripted_metric not runtime fields.

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