Comparing 2 docs

Hi guys,

I want to compare 2 docs. Lets say I have doc A & doc B (csv). Both docs contains same logs. A contains 15 lines , and B contains 10 lines (5 lines removed).
How should i proceed to find out which lines are missing in Doc B when compared with Doc A??


++ just want to add that both docs are in the same index

Anyone???..please help..

Hi @ganessen23, there's no good way to do this in Kibana today, other than opening each doc in a tab in your browser and comparing each doc by eye. A "document diff" view sounds like a cool idea though, I'd recommend filing an enhancement request on our github repo

A document diff??? that a feature in elasticsearch??

No, but we could implement it in kibana

Can you give any leads which I can use to start with..

Was there an enhancment request for this in the end?

I didn't see one come in

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