Comparison against business units

Good Morning Kibana Wizards,

I am trying to build a dashboard that will compare business units of differing sizes equally. As an example users taking security training.

HR has 120 users, 100 of which has completed training
Finance has 10 users, 2 of which have complete training
Operations has 500 users 400 have completed training

If I only have the logs of people that have completed training, how can I use a known static value (number of employees in a department) and use that to show percentage complete?

A table or graph would will work, I just need to have an overall percentage of the agency and total number completed.

HR 83% - 100
Finance 20% - 2
Operations 80% - 400

I can offer a few ways of thinking about this problem:

  1. If you have a timestamp field on your logs, you can do a math formula using TSVB. I didn't cover this exact case, but I have some very similar cases in this blog post.
  2. If you don't have a timestamp field on your logs, you have fewer options. One of the ones that I might recommend is using the continuous transforms feature to generate a "transformed index" for each department. You can calculate the percentage using a painless script here
  3. If you don't like either of the previous options, I wrote some docs on Vega in Kibana which is the most flexible way of building a visualization if you know your exact query DSL

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