HR metrics : tur over, divide 2 sum

Hi there !

I have to create dashboard for human resources department. I have to calculate the turn over for a period.

Turn Over calculation is : the sum of people who have left the company during Year Y / sum of active user in the system on Year Y

My index contains all info i need :
User id
End of contract Date (2 contracts ended during year 2018)
User status: active or inactive (18 active on 21/12/2018)

Turnover = 2/18 = 11%

Is it possible to calculate that kind of thin in kibana ?

Thank You so Much !!!

Hi there, you should be able to do this using the "Time Series Visual Builder" visualization type, in the Visualize app. Please refer to the steps in Doing Math over count of events. In step #3, you'd use the field you're using to determine "End of contract date" as the numerator, and the field you're using to determine "User status" as the denominator. Hope this helps!


Thanks for your answer ! As i'm not technical i don't undestand : i will ask to my dev ^^

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