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Hai there. Do anyone knows how to do comparison or is there any document that shows or list all the changes between this version and other version. example for Elasticsearch version 7.3.1, what is the changes or what has been added or removed in Elasticsearch 7.17.1. this is due to I just upgrade straight from 7.3.1 version to not really latest version. so hard to keep track what is the changes along it and want to do the comparison for those two version only instead of list all the changes until latest version i use. thank a lot

Elasticsearch version 7.3 is EOL and no longer supported. Please upgrade ASAP.

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7.3.1 Was released in Aug 2019... nearly 2 years ago.. there has been literally 100s of changes included / released up to 7.17.x there is no simple list of changes.

There have been major changes in the following... And more
Kibana Alerting
Lens Visualization
Matured ILM
Matured APM, / Observability
Many Integration
Lucene Updates
SIEM Maturity
Endpoint Integration
New data types,
Query Improvements
Maturing App Enterprise & Workplace Search
Maturing ECS
Fleet / Elastic Agent
Azure , GCP and AWS integrations
Etc etc etc
(That's just off the top of my head :).)

There is a What's New section in the docs for each release.

What has not changed, is the underlying index compatibility for the most part.

So you should be able to upgrade... of course depending on your use case and implementation there could issues ... Hard to say.

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Noted on the answer and thanks @stephenb . but is it possible the upgrading version may cause getting different outcome from Elasticsearch?

Depends on what you mean by outcome?

Can you be more specific?

Is it possible? perhaps there has been some upgrades on the lucene versions and I think couple updates on some of the aggregations.

If you have specific use cases I would test before and after.

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