Major changes between Elasticsearch 1.7.x and 2.3.x

I am working on a team that is evaluating the upgrade from 1.7.x to 2.3.x. Other than stepping through the release notes is there any other way to pinpoint the largest changes/improvements between these versions? Specifically I am looking for what are the pros/cons of upgrading. We have a very large set of indexes each with millions of records.

There's no single page, no.

What is your use case?

There's no page I'm aware of that lists largest new features by version. However there's two pages that might help you nonetheless: gives you an overview of what happened between your version and 2.3 wrt. stability/resiliency.

For identifying things that will break on upgrade there is single page. I have been stepping through all of the release notes from versions put out after 1.7.x but it has been quite the task.

Thanks for the resources. I have been stepping through the release notes and the breaking changes pages for all the versions leading up to the current version. It would be nice if there was a feature matrix somewhere that would show features and what version they are available in as a high level way of looking at it.

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It would be great if it's possible ! I'am evaluating the upgrade form 1.7.5 to 2.3.2, for millions of documents too.