Upgrade Elasticsearch to 7.17.8

I'm trying to upgrade my elasticsearch to version 7.17.8 from version 7.14.0.
I have a single instant with kibana and logstash included.
Current version has quiet a lot of data so it's hard to back it up.

  1. When I upgrade would the data change or erase? taking a snapshot would only save my meta data on elasticsearch i suppose.
  2. I couldn't install elasticsearch 7.17.8 right away, it asks me to uninstall the previous one ( causing a file conflict with 7.14.0 files). Is it possible or do i need to uninstall it?
  3. Do I need to manually delete certain directories or files, such as the yml file in /etc/elasticsearch ?
  1. Nope. And nope, snapshots cover everything (by default)
  2. What OS are you on? If it's linux then you can tell it to keep things like config file you have changed and it'll replace everything else
  3. Nope

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