Comparison of data at a kibana dashboard

Hi ,
I have the below kind of data


I would like to compare the value "value" of two type of "counter" at a specific period of "event_time_stamp". How can I achieve this?
Thank you in advance.

you could compare the values over time:

  • go to visualizations, create new visualization, select Lens
  • pull value field on the chart
  • lens will create the chart, on the right you can see it created vertical axis with "median of value" ... click it, and change it to "last value of"
  • click on advanced and under filter by enter counter: "cpu"
  • now close the vertical axis config, and add a new one
  • configure it just as above one, except that for filter you enter a different filter

if you want to show just the last value, create a new chart (Lens), select metric as a chart type
for the metric select last value of "value" and for breakdown select top values of "counter"