Configure Kibana(in windows) to start automatically when the server boots/restarts

I know how to host kibana on command prompt . But we need to install Kibana on servers , and ensure that kibana starts automatically when the server restarts .

I hosted kibana on servers using command prompt , but the problem is when the server restarts the i have to again restart Kibana everytime using command promt.

Note: I have already installed ES as service, so when server reboots it starts auomatically . Same i need for kibana

There appears to be some work effort towards this in, but Kibana is not available yet.

Meanwhile, you may look at this thread for more options that might work. Kibana set up windows service (6.2.1)

Thanks.. but the NSSM tool mentioned in this link Kibana set up windows service is not available for download..(i.e it gives error : 503 service unavailable)
Can u please specify a trusted resource for downloading this

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