Connecting to Tableau: Tableau could not generate a query to perform this operation

I have Elasticsearch 7.17.3 and the latest Tableau Desktop (trial version). I followed the documentation (v. 7.17.3 connectors as well) on how to connect them and it works. However, even though the tables are shown within Tableau, I get an error as soon as I click on any of them, this is shown in the logs:

"details": Tableau could not generate a query to perform this operation.

I tried reaching out to Tableau and they told me I should ask the creator of the connector instead, so here I am.

Hi @Krikkits,

Welcome to the community! I assume you are using this Tableau connector. Which version of the connector are you using?

Thanks @carly.richmond! I downlaoded 7.17.3 to match my Elastic (which happens to be a docker image).

Thanks for confirming. Is that the only error you have on the Tableau side? Do you have any errors in the Elasticsearch log at all?

I looked in the Kibana logs and there were no error. Nothing looks out of the ordinary and this is what the logs show when I try to interact with a table:

{"type":"response","@timestamp":"2023-09-08T10:15:08+00:00","tags":[],"pid":7,"method":"head","statusCode":302,"req":{"url":"/","method":"head","headers":{"host":"localhost:5601","user-agent":"curl/7.68.0","accept":"*/*"},"remoteAddress":"","userAgent":"curl/7.68.0"},"res":{"statusCode":302,"responseTime":4},"message":"HEAD / 302 4ms"}

Just in case I will also attach a screenshot of what my Tableau looks like with the error:

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