Controlling the size of the point on the map using document

Hello everyone,
I was able to control the point color by sending the color code.
I tried in a similar way to send a number for the point size, but I have no option to select this field.
I would appreciate help with how the document I'm sending should look so that it can be used to select the size of the point.

dic_geo = {
    "location": {"type": "Point", "coordinates": []},
    "level": [],
    "size": [],
    "@timestamp": [],

What is the mapping of your document? For the size field to be used to control the size of the symbol this needs to be a numeric field, but not a text or keyword field type.

You can see the mapping of your index in the associated Data View.

Ideally, your size field should be indexed as numbers, but if you can't change that, you can create a Runtime Field that will expose your text field as a new numeric field. Of course, this is much slower than having your data properly indexed, but for small datasets, it should be OK.

To create a runtime field, you can do that by editing your existing Kibana Data View, check this documentation:

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Thanks again :slight_smile: , once again you are right.
I changed the mapping to INTEGER, and created a new INDEX.

Works great, thank you

Happy Mapping :world_map:

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