Convert Map Shape to layer or Region

Kibana maps is great! however I'd like to know if this is possible

I am able to import layers with the various Layer tools i.e. Administrative Regions via EMS is one possibility.

I'm also able to create shapes via the Tools menu via maps.

But is it possible to save these shapes permanently in someway?, perhaps as a region layer or exported into ES itself?

hi @stexxen

it's not possible to "save" these shapes you have drawn via the Tools-menu. They are only filters.

I think for now, the best way to save shapes permanently would be to use a different drawing tool (e.g. using and then use the "upload geojson"-function in Maps.

We have an outstanding feature-request for this: [Maps] Add drawing layer · Issue #41469 · elastic/kibana · GitHub . It'd be helpful to leave any additional comments or questions there. thx!

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