Coordinate map with precision

There is a data area with geo coordinates. I need to display them on the map using a kibana. I use the widget coordinate map. When the card is added to the dashboard, with the parameter Precision=7 and there is a constant update of the data for 5, 10, 20 seconds after a while the tab in the browser drops with an error. When trying to find a problem, it turned out that the memory is consumed quickly.

Hello Tatiana,

Yes, you'll experience increased memory consumption as you increase the precision adjustment. This is a known challenge and is documented here. At precision level 7, you're using the highest precision available in Kibana. Each level is going to be an order of magnitude more sub-divided areas to search than the previous one, so the jump from 6 to 7 is quite significant.

I can appreciate why you'd want a high level of precision, but for performance considerations, it might be best to drop that down.


Yes, but it looks like an abnormal memory utilization.
There is a set of geo coordinates with about 75,000 pieces.
The dashboard is updated with the widget of the coordinate map every 5 seconds, the real-time update of the data in the index does not matter.
Those. I tried to stop the data collection in the index and reproduce this error.
Through the debug of the tab in the browser, you can see that a rapid increase in memory usage is starting.
And after 5 minutes, the browser crashes with an error, after which only a reset of the browser’s cache helps. Until the next occurrence of this error.

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