Limit the max zoom in precision in coordinate

I want to show a location in one coordinate map. I only want to know which city it is in.
But after click the "Fit Data Bounds", it zoomed the map with too many detail.

Can I limit the max precision after click the button.

I know the precision can be limit by the "Change precision on map zoom" option. But after take off the option, the point in the map is not merged after zoom out, it seems the precision is fixed. I only want set the max precision, not a fixed one.

Thank you


that is unfortunately not possible currently if you use Elastic's map server.

There is an tilemap.options.maxZoom: 10 (default value) setting you can use in the kibana.yml config file, but that only has an effect as long as you use tilemap.url in the config to specify a custom URL to load tiles from.

I've also couldn't found any open issue regarding that feature. So if you consider this feature useful and would like to see it in future Kibana versions, I would ask you to open an issue on GitHub for it.


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