Copy a single index from ES 5.6 to ES 7.2

I have a 5.6 and 7.2 ES clusters. I need to copy an index from the 5.6 to the 7.2 cluster. What is the best way to approach this ?
I see that it is not possible to create a snapshot from 5.6 and restore it to a running 7.2 cluster and then reindex it.
One option is to export it using some tools like jsondump and import it in the 7.2 cluster, but the index is about 32GB in size, which is not ideal
According to the documentation at
it is possible to use the _reindex endpoint, after specifying reindex.remote.whitelist: oldhost:9200 in the config, but does that require a full cluster restart on the target cluster ?

It turns out using the _remote endpoint works great.

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