Cost by indicies


I a working with one of the use cases where in I need to know what is the actual cost I am paying to elastic based on indices. For example, if I have 5 indices Index1,Index2,index3,index4 and index5 I would like to know that index1 cost is 2$, index = 10$ an so on.

Any idea how to get these?

Any suggestions or help would really appreciated


Which service are you talking about? Are you running on Elastic Cloud?
Are you like sharing the same cluster for multiple users?

We are using Elastic Cloud. We are using the same cluster for multiple users/teams.

I don't think there's such a tool. The easiest way IMO is to have one cluster per team. Specifically if it's for different use cases.

Otherwise, if it's for the same use case, may be you could build a dashboard which tracks the number of documents per index.
And then, compute the cost of each index:

cost_index1 = total_cost * nb_of_docs1 / total_nb_docs

It's not a FinOps tool as per say but at least something to start from. But please note that the cost based only on the number of docs might not be accurate...

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