Could create Index Patterns for new index

(Wayne Du) #1

After I create new index with python API, when I create Index Patterns for this new index, but i could not find out the new index, I can search this index in DEV Tool with command get /index_name/_mapping, and the new index status is open.

Is there anyone could help to find out the reason ?

Thanks so much.

(Junaid) #2

What is the index name that you have created and what pattern are you using for this index?

(Wayne Du) #3

The index name is "dpoproblem" and when I click "Create Index Pattern" in Management Page, there is any index match in the below list, so i could not go to next step. In fact, this index existing in Index Management and the status is open

please advise.

(Bernt Rostad) #4

Your dpoproblem index is empty, docs count is 0, so even if it's open it won't show up as an option for Create Index Pattern.

Add one document to the index and you should be able to create your index pattern.

(Wayne Du) #5

Thanks so much

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