Could not activate monitoring in kibana

I have 3 nodes as both master and data nodes and 1 dedicated data node and 1 dedicated client node in the elasticsearch cluster.

I have done the required settings in elasticsearch.yml files of each node. One of those settings was node.ingest: false as given in documentation.

But I am facing issues with stack monitoring in kibana which is configured with the client node IP Address.
I am unable to enable it and in logs of elasticsearch comes that there is no ingest node to ingest data..

So Please suggest that if I should set node.ingest : true in all my nodes and will it impact my dedicated master and data node behaviour??

Depending on resources on the nodes, I'd set the client node to ingest, and possibly the data node. It just takes one to function, and in a limited cluster you don't have many options to tune for ingest.

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