Couldn't find any elasticsearch data (index pattern) / but index available in index management tab

I am using kibana 7.9.0 and it's the first time I try to create an index pattern.
The data is there, I upload it with python and as you can see the data is available in the index management tab:

But when I try to create the index pattern asociated with it, it tells me I have no data in Elasticsearch:

I have no idea what could have gone wrong: here is the mapping of the data if it helps:

This is odd. To help us troubleshoot, could you tell us how you're running Kibana/ES? Also, could you try adding a sample data set first, and then try creating an index pattern again?

I am running ES/kibana on docker containers inside a AWS server.
Just saw that I get a 403 response when I try and load the patterns, something is not giving me access to it.
I am not a superuser on this machine, I think it's a problem for the server manager.


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