Count improper in Visualize Tab

Hi ,

I want to create Vertical bar graphs in Kibana. However, the total count showing up in kibana does not match the MySql database count when checked separately.

I don't understand what data does it show when i hit an Interface_Name="Karza".
I want to show the total count of Entire Karza Interface. How to do that such that it matches the count from the database.

hi @suchetacateina,

the time range in your screenshot shows "last 15 minutes". Is it possible there are older documents in your index? if so, adjust the time-range so it encompasses the entire range of your data.

Hi Thomas,
Its an entirely new index. And i have kept the time range as - Last 5 years. Still it is flawed. When i cross-check it with my sql database, the numbers don't match at all. Infact, when i filter it with-respect-to
[1] Terms or [2] Significant Terms or [3] Filters none of it is exact display of count.

Please help.

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