Crawler not reading class "swifttype"

Hi Team,

As per the documentation meta tags with class "swifttype" will be read by Swiftbot, but it is not working . I added this class to meta tag name "description" like below

and i don't see this data in the document created after crawling. Can anyone help on this ?

Thanks !

Hi sarrame!

It seems like there is a typo in the class you are using. The correct class name is swiftype with a single T.

Hope this helps!

Oops. my bad ,, thanks for that :slight_smile:

So lets say i modify the tag, and do i need to recrawl manually or will the crawler do automatically ?

Manually will be the fastest way to go!

Thanks for your quick response @JonasLavoie , but I tried it earlier and it took more than half day and there were no documents added.

@JonasLavoie Hi Jonas, I have added the right class type in meta description and still i couldn't fetch the description details in content, can you please help

My meta tag is like below,
meta data-react-helmet="true" name="description" class="swiftype" content="....."

Is this data being loaded lazily via JavaScript?

@JonasLavoie , no my website is Gatsby React based framework and it process the static sites and it is meant to load pages fast.

Whenever i do changes to the header of the website and try to do re-crawl i have noticed it takes for ever and after half a day is passed i would delete the existing domain and add the domain again where the crawl happens fast. , I am not sure if this approach is causing the trouble.

It seems like the small bumps you are hitting are related to your specific setup. I would suggest reaching out to our Support Team who will be more than happy to troubleshoot the issue with you in a personalized way.

Thank you @JonasLavoie for your suggestion, I have logged a ticket for the same.

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