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I want to create a default dashboard with some visualization, to print stats about tweets. These tweets are collected by logstash in real time.
But, I created a program who launch logstash automatically, with inputed keywords, and parameters.
So, the user select himself the index for his search. I want to adapt my dashboard to this index, who correspond with the collect.
I know how to put a dashboard to ES using curl, but I don't know how indicate to print infos of the new index, because I created the visualization into kibana with an old index...

Here's a little diagram for explain that:
User config logstash -> logstash is collecting tweets
while -> kibana print some infos on collected tweets

I don't know if it's really clear :confused:
I'm french student, so, sorry for my English :confused: :confused:

Thank's, and congratulation for reading!

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