Create a preview with a media between events

Good afternoon, I would like to know how to create an average between the events, below is an example:

event 1
time => 1:00:00
id=> 1

event 2
time => 1:10:00
id=> 2

event 3 => 1:30:00
id=> 3

event 3 => 1:33:00
id=> 4

from event 1 to 2 was 10m
from enveto 2 to 3 it was 20m
from event 3 to 4 had 3m

so the average would be 33/3 = 11m

Please could you help me.


Are you looking at creating a specific visualization chart? You can checkout lens or TSVB viz

Have you looked at our documentation? Kibana Guide [7.15] | Elastic
Also this is a great webinar to understand about getting started with Kibana - Getting Started with Kibana | Elastic Videos


Sorry, I don't think I explained it well, I've already done some graphs, but I can't create something that tells the average to calculate the interval between documents

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