Create an alert when deadline date reached

Dear all,

I create an action register, which is a list of task I need to perform during the year.

This is a basic csv file with header:
Tack name; Task Description; START_Date; Due_Date;Status

I would like to have an email alert when I have 15days to perform the task before the Due_Date set.

For example
"Patch Banking System";"All Mainframe muste be reviewed and patch on XXXXXX date";"2022-06-16";"2022-07-30";"To Start"

So on July 15, I would like to receive an alert.

Do you know how to do this?



It's definitely possible. Have you checked out our alerting? Kibana Alerting: Alerts & Actions for Elasticsearch data | Elastic



I checked the documentation however I don't know how to proceed for my case


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