Create bar visualization with count multiple boolean variables


I have an log like this:
{"option1":"false", "option2":"true", "option3":"false"}
{"option1":"true", "option2":"true", "option3":"false"}
{"option1":"false", "option2":"true", "option3":"true"}
And I want generate one visualization like this:
oprtion1 - 1 true 2 false
option2 - 3 true
option3 - 1 true 2 false

How I can do this?

This type of visualization is only possible using Vega because you're looking at individual documents, not aggregated data. Vega can't build tables, but it can build simple graphical charts.

If you want to construct this using an aggregated chart builder, you would need to change your document structure. But with the documents you've shown, you have limited options.

Thanks Wylie! You can send me a example in Vegas or something related?

"But with the documents you've shown, you have limited options." this is a part of log for making simple of understand... But i think i can change structure in logstash, what you recommend?

I just thought of a workaround where you can create an aggregated chart. For your buckets, choose the Filters aggregation. Create 6 filters, one for each combination of option and true/false value. For example option1: false, option1: true, option2: false, etc. This is support in tables, bar charts, pie charts, etc.

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