Visualizing multiple boolean values

I have a list of Boolean values representing options my users have taken on my site. Something like:

  • Option A: Boolean ( True / False )
  • Option B: Boolean ( True / False )
  • Option C: Boolean ( True / False )

(In reality, i have 18 options)

The options are not mutually exclusive, and can be used in any combination.
I am looking to make 2 visualizations:

  1. A chart representing how many times every combination exists (is True). A Bar-chart could look like this:

A + B + C ----------------------------
A + C ----------------
B + C --------------------
A ---
B ------------------------------------
C -

  1. A chart showing the number of times each option is represented (is True) in general. A bar chart example could look like this:

A --------------------------- 68.000
B -------- 18.000
C ---------------- 39.600

Hi, @AlanMark!

Have you seen this previous Discuss post? This sounds similar to what you are trying to achieve.

Hi Alison, Ive read the post but i do not see the similarity?

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