Create copy of visualization that uses a different index as data source?

I have found that the visualizations (line charts, tables) are tied to its data source, and no easy way to edit it. Often, I have built a complex visualization that I can use for another index as a starting point, but I have not found a way to reuse that same visualization because the data source is tied to the visualization.

  • Is there in fact a way to edit the data source of the visualization?
  • If not, can this potentially be added?


Check out

I have read the Github issue but I am not sure how this applies. The github issue talks about the steps of copying a visualization from one dashboard to another, without mentioning anything about changing ES indices.

Perhaps I was unclear about what I meant by “data source” in my original message.

This is what I want to do:

  • Create a visualization using ES index foo-*
  • Make a copy of that visualization as a new viz
  • Have that visualization use ES index bar-* instead as data source.

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