Create dashboard mixing data from indexes


I would like to know how i can mix data from different indexes in the same visualisation (if it is even possible).
Imagine I have an index with some information, as name, dob, NI number etc, and another index with different registries, as name, car, registration number etc...

If i want to display together name, dob, car and registration number, how can i do it?

This triggers the next question... is that data structure correct? Since a person can only have a dob and a NI number, i created an index for that, and as a person can have multiple cars, and it is different data, i created another index for the cars. Should i have created all the data in the same index with name, dob, NI, car, reg number, etc...?


It requires 'JOIN' function which is not supported in Elasticsearch.

An index that combines such information is needed. Enrich processor or transform may help you to construct such index.

So the recommendation is to use the same index for everything together, right?


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