Create empty field in report / upload comments from excel


I am supposed to create three empty columns in existing report and give possibility to users to upload comments in those columns from excel.

I would appreciate if someone could tell me if this is feasible and give me some hints.

Thank you in advance.


Hi @Valerija. I think updating Elasticsearch documents from Excel would be a very complex task. I think Excel still uses Visual Basic for programming. Elasticsearch does not have a Visual Basic client. Does Excel support the .NET language? There is an Elasticsearch .NET client. The code would likely use the client.UpdateAsync method.

We've discussed adding edit capabilities to the Discover app in Kibana. But we not added this functionality yet.

Hi @nickpeihl,

Thank you for explaining. I assumed this would not be easy. I am glad you are discussing adding edit capabilities.

I am thinking just then to add those three columns with column titles w/o any data as a reminder to fill in data manually once they export the report into excel. How could I create empty column in Kibana?


Hi @Valerija. I assume you are using the Discover app to generate the CSV reports?

Does your index mapping include the sku, Immediate Action, PIC, and status fields?

I did a simple test where I created an index with a mapping of three fields. I then added documents to the index but did not specify a value for one of the fields (nothing).

Then, in Discover I added all the fields to the table by clicking the "Add field to table" button for each field. See the screenshot below.

Then I ran the CSV report and the report contained all three fields. The nothing field in the report shows only a -.



Hello @nickpeihl ,

My index mapping does not contain columns Immediate Acton, PIC, and Status. These are not available in mapping but the users would like to have them and populate them in excel manually and then just upload to Kibana report.

For that reason I am unable to do what you described above...we are still on 7.10 version so I am not sure if what you described is a new functionality.

I am quite new to Kibana so I am still learning...

Hi @Valerija. There is no easy way to accomplish what you are asking. Sorry.

No worries...thank you very much for all.

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