Create HTTPS Enabled Elasticsearch API

While going through the document of creating an Elasticsearch API, there is a note for http.ssl.enabled node. It is asking to specify https while creating API key, but I am bit confused that where I need to mention about https

Do I need to mention it somewhere in the POST request that is performed to generate the API key ?

POST /_security/api_key
  "name": "my-api-key",
  "expiration": "1d", 
  "role_descriptors": { 
    "role-a": {
      "cluster": ["all"],
      "index": [
          "names": ["index-a*"],
          "privileges": ["read"]
  "metadata": {
    "application": "my-application",
    "environment": {
       "level": 1,
       "trusted": true,
       "tags": ["dev", "staging"]

can anyone help ?

Based on the example on the page directly below this note, I take that to mean if you are using curl. You are safe if you use Kibana that is connected to a TLS secured Elasticsearch cluster.

Thanks @warkolm

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