Create index pattern for rollup jobs

Hi community,
Within version 7.5.2 I have the option to create a specific indexe pattern for rollup.

Within version 7.6.2 this option is not available. I only have the option "Create index pattern" When I do that I must choose between the indices which are available. I want to create a specific rollup index pattern to get the rollup jobs functioning. It feels like: what came first the chicken or the egg. Apparently I am missing some information. Can you please help me? Thank you.

That option is still documented for 7.7 so I think it should be available in the version you are on.

@cjcenizal am I missing something here?

Hi there, to create a rollup index pattern, you'll need to first create rollup indices.

  1. Create a rollup job and start it.
  2. Wait for the rollup job to create an index. You can go into Index Management and enable the "Include rollup indices" toggle to view the index.
  3. Once the index is created, you'll have the option to create a Rollup index pattern.

Does this help?

Hi all,

what cjcenizal wrote: it works like that. I have a rollup job index pattern option within 7.7.0.

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