Create metric graph, line graph with timetaken and want to group it by two fields (A, B)

I want to get metric and line graph visualization where it displays average timetaken by A and B where values of A can be ac,au ,ad and B can be bs,bc,bu
So when I try to get metric visualization with Metric
Average TimeTaken and Buckets with Split group -> Aggregation -> A
I get three value but here I want to split group again by B value as well.
Can anyone suggest how to proceed

And same is happening with line graph where get Y-Axis as Average TimeTaken and X-Axis as per day ,
I did add split series for A field .

Hi @Lata_Pukale. I could use some more information. Can you provide me an example of the A and B documents in Elasticsearch?

Yes sure. It's quiet simple as
Consider my search table with columns TimeTaken, Action and RecordType
And the values in them is Timetaken in seconds, Action can be ac,au or ad And RecordType can be bs, bc and bu

Timetaken, Action, RecordType
20 ac bs
50 au bc
20 ad bu
11 ac bc

Now I want to get Average TimeTaken by Action and its Recordtype for daily entries that I get

So I did create Line Chart with Y-Axis as Average TimeTaken
And X-Axis Date
And then split graph with Action
But I get average timetaken for only Action

How to get it for Action and Record

Hi Looby, I think this is too complex for a Metric visualization. Maybe you need to look at using TSVB? It has advanced capabilities that may support this.

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