Create new index pattern: Reticulating splines

I am running Kibana/Elastic version 6.4.2 on Windows and trying to create a new index pattern by going to Management --> Index patterns --> Create index pattern.
The window gets stuck on 'Checking for Elasticsearch data' and spins on 'Reticulating splines...' for hours.
Went through all the troubleshooting steps like restarting services/IIS.
/_cat/indices?v is loading fine and nothing in the log files.

I have a replica environment of this that is working fine.
Can someone please help with this issue.

Still looking for help with this


It might be worth stepping through some of the ideas listed in this issue.. As you can see from the length of the conversation and linked issues, there are a number of possibilities, so it's a little hard to guess what might be the problem here.

You say you have a replica environment running fine. You might consider replicating that environment over to the one you're having issues with and replacing it.



Thanks for the response, I reviewed the thread but I don't think they experienced the same issue, and there was no resolution provided.
In my case, I am trying to create a new index and the page is stuck on "Checking for Elasticsearch data.. Reticulating splines..."
I'll attach a screenshot.

Does the HTTP traffic (ie seen via the network console) give any clues? My guess is that it's waiting for some response from the server which never comes back, but knowing what the request is would help narrow it down.

Some other discuss posts has some steps which got to the solution ...may be you want to read through it ?


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