Create new pie chart from a data table with different columns

I have a data table and i want to plot a pie chart. The screenshot of data table and expected pie chart is attached below. If any body can help me select right aggregations to get the graph it would be helpful. Thanks in advance.

Screenshot (48)

Using a terms aggregation on that field, with a sum metric should do it.

Hi @warkolm,
Thank you for your reply, but that didn't work for me. There are 4 columns in the table(Total, Unique, Duplicate & Redundant), but i want to plot pie chart for only 3 columns(Unique, Duplicate & Redundant).

Ahh ok. Then use a filter to exclude the total values :slight_smile:

Removing 'Total' column is the second task, but i am not able to get pie chart at all for those 3/4 columns. @warkolm

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