Creating Index for different Systems is problematic

When I create an Index in Kibana and Search specific logs using query its giving me correct response. But Then if I want to open the URL composed with queries from any other system then its asking me to create an Index again and landing some different pages. the same log is not being displayed.

I think "different systems" means a different Elasticsearch cluster? The saved objects (like the Kibana index pattern) are stored in Elasticsearch as well, so the URL won't contain all of the information necessary to render to page. You have to export the index pattern from the first cluster and import it in the second cluster, then it should work as expected: Saved Objects | Kibana Guide [7.13] | Elastic

No , not the Different cluster.

In the same cluster only. If I create an index pattern and fire a query to search logs then URL contains that queries.

Now the formatted URL (same cluster +Index created + same query ) if I share with any other team members then its asking for creating index pattern again to their systems . so how i make Url generic for some specific search so that It can launch same discover page with logs for everyone. Please help

Is it possible your team members do not have the sufficient permissions to view the data?

No , Same Permission mechanism I am using . Roles are same for all of members

Can you share the URL you are using (feel free to mask sensitive data like field names)?


Any lead @flash1293 ?

If you refresh the page locally, does it still work or does it break the same way for you? It seems like the index pattern saved object is not created correctly.

  1. Local Page Refresh on Same Tab
  2. Copy URL in a New Tab
  3. Copy URL in a new window

Above all 3 cases locally in my system works perfectly fine.

  1. Opening in a new Incognito window same URL -- does not work for me as well (pretty much similar to opening in New Machine mentioned above)

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