Creating visualization type in kibana

hi ,
Suppose we have four fields in a elk index. Example -> id(01), service_name(xyz),duration(61,369).
Duration field is in milliseconds .
Now we have to create a visualization out of it in such a why where duration field have to sort by desc order and out of that there will be a range like top 20% will be worst , 21-70% will be avg and 71-100% will be good and we have to count the service_name falling under these three range.

Pls help me with the steps .

@Satyaki_Sengupta I think you could create 3 table visualisations order by duration desc including in each visualization only the percentile you want.

If you want everything in one visualization I think you will need to create a scripted field in order to calculate your range rank for each metric


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